Mother’s Life: Bits of Love

May 13, is the mother’s day. I am sure many of us wished our mothers “Happy Mothers’ Day”. On this occasion I did call upon my beloved mother. I fondly remembered her. However, is that enough? I think it is a special day for all of us, sons and daughters, to reflect on the lives of our beloved mothers.

Mother’s life is a life of love, a love shown not in big deals but in bits, in small things of our daily lives. One can easily see how mother’s heart burns with boundless compassion, affection, dedication, and sacrifice. A mother can abhor what is evil in her sons/daughters but never think ill of them. She will do lot of sacrifices for the benefit of her children. If you want to ponder mystery of love, you must ponder on the mothers’ lives. Mothers’ lives teach us bits of love.

It is a sad fact that in our post modern world, the word ‘love’ is the most abused word. Today unfortunately it has a wide range of ‘double’ meanings. Consequence is that we, the meaning making beings, misunderstand with such double meanings and make a mesh of our lives. Who bothers today to learn from mothers’ lives true bits of love? On the day like mother’s day, we are given an opportunity to reflect deeply into the mystery of love. We must seriously think how our bits of love can make Gigabyte of love- to make our world a better place to live in.

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