Sacrifices brings abundant fruits!

Sirach 35: 1-12 | Mark 10:28-31

My devout Christian parents have taught me early in my childhood days the lesson on sacrifices. “No gain without pain, daily little sacrifice that you make brings you grace and blessings. Give and you will be given! and the like”. Indeed, it is very important to make little sacrifices to lead happy and contented life.

Today’s readings give us that same message. “Look, we have left everything and followed you. [What are we going to get?]”, Peter asked Jesus a very genuine question. Jesus answered, “…You will not only receive hundredfold now in this age but eternal life in the age to come!”. Our sacrifices for our faith will be far overshadowed by the blessings we will receive from God our heavenly Father.

The Sirach 35:1-12 reminds us that living a deeply moral, happy and contended life is in itself a form of sacrifice, an offering/sacrifice highly acceptable to God. And, in order to live a moral, happy and contented life, we have to necessarily make sacrifices in our daily life. Yes, making sacrifices is quite painful! It is quite strange to observe that our human tendency is to grab more, have more, to get more and not to give, not to offer up, not to surrender! But, mind you, having more and more of more things does give us satisfaction in life. It is only when we become more, then we get true joy and happiness. So, when our being more is greater than having more then only we achieve abundance of blessings, i.e. happy and contented life. God is a generous giver and we also become Godlike – Generous and magnanimous! When we model our life after that of Jesus Christ, we are sure to get abundant life! Just give a try!

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