Prayer: Remaining online with God!

Feb 25, 2019 | Sirach 1:1-10 | Mk 9: 14 – 29

Grace: That we be online with God! Not offline!

Introduction: God is the source of everything – Source of wisdom and source of all healing power! Today as we come to God in this Holy Mass, let us seek God’s wisdom for us – wisdom is this that we are nothing without God. “We are Heroes with God, but zeros without God.”

Reflection: An Incident – A woman possessed with evil spirit suddenly started writhing and twisting her head and hair during the Eucharistic Prayer. I did not know what to do. Someone said, “Can you lay your hands on her, please?” “No, I won’t” I said as I was not sure of it. Was I doubting of myself? Was I afraid of myself? Then he himself went and laid his hands on her and after sometimes she became normal. She was alright.

Much later after the incident. Mathias, my grandpa, on a fine morning asked me, “Have you ever exorcised evil spirit?” I said, “No, never.” He laughed, “No, I have done! This requires earnest prayers.” Then he explained about how he once went to exorcised an evil spirit.

Well, this is what is happening in today’s Gospel. Why were the disciples not capable of casting out the evil spirit from the boy? Jesus also says – This type of cure demands Prayer – earnest prayer!

What is earnest prayer by the way? In contemporary metaphor it is being online and pray! Two things happen when we pray being online with God – First, we keep in vital contact with the giver of the gift, and second, we do not lose the truth about ourselves that without God we are nothing!

Pause for moment: Let us close our eyes and be online with God and pray for those who have asked of our prayers!

Prayer: Lord our God! You created the universe and everything in it. Show us how to honour and care for the gifts of creation, while remembering that we are not you and trusting that you care for it infinitely better than we can. Increase our faith and remind us that we are always love by you! We ask you this through our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.