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Comprehensive Exams of the Fourth Year Theologians!

Posted on: 6 Aug, 2020|Modified on: 6 Aug, 2020

By Alok Ekka

RTC, Kanke, 06/08/2020Finally the day arrives for the 10 Deacons to appear for their Comprehensive Exams. Our Brothers had been been preparing strenuously for this big day. Months of preparation and numerous group discussion have made them ready for the exam.
What is special about the Comprehensive Exams this year is that the First and the Second Year students are able to get an experience of how the whole process takes place. And so, unlike other years, this year there is a big audience attending the exams.
Fr. Francis Minj, SJ (the Director) is leading the team of 5 other professors: Frs. Tom Venad, SJ and Milianus Beck, SJ, are representatives from VJ. Fr. Amrit Tirkey, SJ, is a local visiting professor and the rest are in-house professors: Frs. John Mundu, SJ, Sudhir Kujur, SJ and Michael Kerketta, SJ.
The Exams will continue for 3 days beginning on 06/08/2020.
We wish our Deacons "GOOD LUCK" for their exam!
We also pray for their upcoming Diaconate Ministry in different parishes and centers.

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