Media and Communication Apostolate

Posted on: 21 May, 2015

Modified on: 21 May, 2015

Media Logo Media and Communication apostolate in Ranchi Provice began with a printing press, the Catholic Press, Ranchi in 1928. It has been a great venture as it aims to serve the Church and the society at large through print media and to create job opportunities and to explore the technical skills of the tribals of Chotanagpur. It was started by Gerard Turkenburg, SJ and carried forward by stalwards like Guy Jacquemotte, SJ, Andre Delbeke SJ, William Delputte, Pratap Toppo SJ, William Tigga SJ down the decades and contributed its mights in printing Books, Journals, Periodicals, Registers, Baptismal Registers, Confirmation Registers, Marriage Registers, Exercise Books, Answer Sheets, Posters, Pictures, Brochures, Leaflets, Invitation Cards and Visiting Cards etc. With the revolution of computers, Mass Media and other technologies, Catholic Press, Ranchi needed a phase of shift from Monotype Letter press to Offset Printing Press, which was realized in the 1992 under the able leadership of Frs Andre Delbeke SJ and Alexius Toppo SJ.

The iconic profile of Satya Bharati as publisher, book seller and audio producer has its roots in the new Catholic perspective ushered in by Vatican II. With a motto to serve Catholic Faith and promote regional culture through media, it was transformed from being a service centre (Hindi Sahitya Samiti founded by Fr. Camille Bulcke, S.J.) to
Dharmik Sahitya Samiti and got a place in the Apostolic School Ranchi.
A significant media initiative took place on July 27, 1982 founded by Fr. William Delputte S.J., with a new building, Satya Bharati and a new name was given Dharmik Sahitya Sadan. In addition to its mainstay 末 publishing and distributing liturgical and devotional books 末 it has made history by producing hymns and folk songs in Hindi and tribal languages to furnish the post Vatican II liturgy. Satya Bharati is probably the biggest to provide religious goods and articles in this part of the country.

The imergence of satya Bharati at surface due to the multi directional growth of the ministry of Communication in the Province and the Arch Diocese. Its facilities include:-
A) Production Segment, Audio-Visual section, and recording studio,
B) Printing and Distribution segment and publication of books and magazine, distribution of religious articles and books.
C) Training Segment: namely music, and journalism.

With the establishment of Tribal Museum at AROUSE, Gumla, by Fr. Peter Paul Van Nuffel, S.J., in 2004, yet another sound recording studio was set in motion. It has taken initiatives regarding the documentation of Tribal Culture through video production as well.

Most of our publications are printed and produced at Catholic Press Ranchi, one of the two major printing facilities of the Jesuits in India. Started in 1928 by Fr. Guy Jacquemotte, S.J, primarily to support evangelization and faith consolidation endeavours in the sprawling Chhotanagpur terrain, it has withstood the changing times and survival challenges.

Vatican Radio (Hindi Service): Opening up of Vatican Radio at the premises of S.B. has offered new facilities for production and broadcasting.
Over 3000 interactive listeners of Vatican Radio Hindi programme 末 mostly Hindus & Muslims 末 are served through regular correspondence and a Hindi hand out, 天atican

Bharati Patrika. In the course of the indicated period Fr. Alex Tirkey accompanied Fr. Justin Tirkey(Rome) to the Andamans and Ambikapur for promoting Vatican Radio.